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New Beginnings

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Once again, its been awhile since I last posted. This time, it’s for good reason. I haven’t done anything. I went cold turkey. And let me tell you…it sucked.  I hadn’t gotten a baseline reading in years, so since the Letro didn’t seem to be doing anything for me I figured it was time to […]

Cold Turkey

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It has come that time where life and my priorities are changing. After trying for nearly a year, my wife is finally pregnant. Considering shes only 8 weeks along, readers of my blog know before even most of my closest friends, as we wait for time to pass and the pregnancy to progress in healthy […]

Blood Draw Coming Friday

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Just wanted to reach out and let everyone know where things stand. As of now, I am scheduled to get another blood draw this Friday at 9:15am PST. The main focuses will be on my Cortisol levels and ACTH and how my T and Free T react to the recent decrease in Clomid from 25mg […]

A lot has changed since my last post. While its only been a month I have seen a lot of changes transpire. To start, the elevated cortisol had me worried, my T was still high (registering just north of 800) while on 25mg of Clomid so Dr. U and I decided to step it down […]

The Results Are In – 8-23

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As I mentioned in my last post, approximately 6 weeks prior to my blood draw I cut my dosage of Clomid from 50mg/nightly to 25mg/nightly. Also, as I have discussed ad nauseum, I have been dealing with 5-7 lbs of bloat around my mid-section, most recently my thought was that Clomid was impacting my thyroid […]

Catching Up

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In my last post i described how I was stopping the dostinex (cabergoline) as I felt it was causing bloat issues. However, as Dr. U mentioned, that may just be the Cis Isomer in Clomid. I spent about 3 weeks off of dostinex, noticed no difference, so started back up at 1/2 dose e3d. That […]

The Trifecta Treatment


Its been nearly half a decade since I began on this journey of trying to discover what is wrong with me, but more importantly how to fix it. While I remain fairly certain that Propecia was the driving force behind these issues I face today, I remain determined to reverse the effects of this awful […]

Sermorelin + GHRP-6


On Friday I had a phone consultation with Dr. U to discuss my most recent blood results which presented more questions than answers. Over the years I have been trying to solve my low testosterone issues in a number of ways. Originally, I treated my Low T by using Androgel. Then with HCG, Clomid, Arimidex, […]

Back With Dr. U


The last time I met with Dr. U was October 2011. My T was in the 400’s, I was feeling healthy and energetic and all seemed well and good in the world. It was at that time when he worried that he had done all that he could with me other than moving on to […]

I’m Back….

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On Androgel… I know its unfortunate, and partially the reason I haven’t written an update. After my last meeting with Dr. P nothing new had really transpired. As a reminder, about 2 months ago I went back on Bupropion in hopes that the dopamine would increase my T back above 400 and upped my Synthroid […]